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Friday, 14 January 2011

Food for thought.

The BBC are running a series about writing wills. It seems that the majority of the population does not ever make a will and that if there are no apparent heirs, then the money goes to the government. In fact, the treasury gets about £30-£40 million every year as a result of this. Conflicts and much heated debate can ensue as a consequence. It's certainly got me thinking, what would I want to do and what are my wishes? Jury's out, but I'll certainly give it some thought. The programme is worth a view.

Went to see The Kings Speech tonight. It's a stunning film, well worth watching. There are sterling performances from Geoffrey Rush, Helena Bonham Carter and Colin Firth. If Colin Firth misses out on an Oscar, then he will have been robbed! It's a fascinating representation of the issues George the 6th had with an almost crippling stammer. Fabulously shot, a perfect representation of 1930s England, a strong cast and fantastic script. It was wonderful to go and see that after work with Mum this evening, I never realised just how hard he had to work to overcome his public speaking and his stammer, the end of the film was of his first war time speech, when he starts rallying the nation and becomes a focal point for the National Resistance.

The Little Theatre, part of the Picture House Independent Cinemas, is a wonderful little 2 screen cinema, that oddly enough was a theatre once upon a time. It does screenings of opera, a wonderful selection of foreign language movies and films that are rather less mainstream. It's wonderful, it also feels far more old fashioned and comfortable than the newer multiplexes. There is a membership scheme for the cinemas that allows for free entry to films so many times a year, discounts on entry to the films, a newsletter and it also helps support a local independent cinema. They even show It's a Wonderful Life in the big screen every year at Christmas (which I saw with friends last year) it's brilliant. The membership even allows me the same discounts at the other picturehouse cinemas in London, Edinburgh, Exeter, Brighton and so on. It's well worth investing in!